Luck has nothing to do with it

​Hard Work and Determination is what Year 11 student Lucky Patterson is all about…


On Saturday night Lucky attended the Swimmer of the Year Awards which were held here in Brisbane. It was a black tie event which the entire Australian Swim Team attended. Swimming Australia ran a competition a month leading up to the evening for People to vote for People's choice - Swimmer of the Year.
Our very own Lucky Patterson secured the most votes Australia wide winning the Peoples Choice - Swimmer of the Year accolade. The following St Columban’s students, including her sister Teh-lia Patterson and friends Makayla Corry, Maddie Wainwright, Clare Torrens & Caitlyn Reponi also won the right to attend this black tie event.
Not only did she beat the likes of Cate and Bronte Campbell, she got to celebrate the event with friends from St Columban’s.  Lucky was in shock yet super excited with the support & acknowledgment she received Australia wide. Once again Lucky shoots for the star’s. . . We are ever so proud of her! Well Done Lucky you keep setting the bar higher and higher.