Award Winning Author Visits St Columban's

The year 11 English students had an incredible opportunity recently where they attended a presentation by renowned Australian Author, John Dannalis. The students have been studying his book “Riding The Black Cockatoo” which Dannalis wrote in 2006.
This is the compelling story of how the skull of an Aboriginal man, found on the banks of the Murray River more than 40 years ago, came to be returned to his Wamba Wamba  descendants. Part history, part detective story, part cultural discovery and emotional journey showing the transformative and healing power of true reconciliation.
The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing the author’s story and came away feeling prepared to start writing their own feature articles regarding the authors journey of reconciliation and how we all can close the gap between Non Indigenous and Indigenous Australian’s.

In an e-mail received following his presentation the author praised the conduct of all of our students stating, “What's in the water up there? You were all so positive, warm and receptive ~ thank you! I only wish every school I visited was infused with the same spirit.”