Jobs and Skills Expo

Shaun Morris organised his Year 12 Workplace Practices class to showcase their VET skills, and to provide information about the Job Outlook in the skills they demonstrated. Areas of focus were:

Hairdressing: students invited jobseekers to have their hair blow-dried or straightened and many took up the offer. Hairdressers from the Sion salon, Tracie and Rona set up a very comprehensive display of products and services available in the Sion salon, as well as training opportunities for upskilling, job readiness courses, and Cert II in Hospitality training for secondary students in 2014.

Kitchen Operations: Students demonstrated their skills in preparing garnishes. This was of great interest to the audience and some job seekers showed an expression of interest for skill development courses at the College in kitchen skills.

Childcare: Students performed face painting for children of job-seekers.

Business: Business students prepared Promotional bags which included information about the College as well as a 2012 Yearbook and other promotional materials.

Fitness: Students were in their PE uniforms and explained the Fitness course at the College through a fact sheet about the Fitness industry and the jobs it provides.

It was an extremely valuable opportunity to showcase the quality VET programs at the College.

Sherryl Gregory
Career Development & Vocational Education Coordinator

Thank you for participating in the Jobs and Skills Expo at Caboolture. Your participation and support was invaluable and much appreciated. Together we helped to achieve real outcomes for the community.

A total of 75 Exhibitors attended with over 453 jobs advertised on the Jobs Board and numerous training opportunities across a wide range of industries.

Approximately 2,600 job seekers attended the event.

Based on feedback from exhibitors, approximately 298 job seekers will be placed in a job as a direct result of the Expo.

We are hopeful that the positions on the Jobs Board advertised by companies who weren't able to exhibit will also be filled.

It was great to meet you and work together with you to assist our job seekers in Caboolture.

Donna Jaques
Caboolture Jobs and Skills Expo Co-ordinator