As part of our Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L), LINK has been chosen as the preferred program to support positive behaviour at St Columban's. We believe it is most consistent with the Gospel values and the Catholic ethos of the College and re-connects students with their learning.

PB4Learning is about people, practices and processes – it is not a program but the way we work. A focus on learning, ​capability-building, wise and thorough use of data, and identifying and spreading good evidence-based practice are all integrated into the PB4Learning strategy.

The LINK Room is a dedicated quiet room designed to provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour, reassess their choices and to focus on how to take responsibility for making better decisions in the future. If a student chooses to disrupt the LINK Room, they would be asked to go home until they are able to commit to following the process in an authentic manner.

The Process

  • When a student breaks the classroom behaviour rules for learning,  the teacher will contact the Pastoral Leader who is facilitating the LINK Room that period.
  • The Pastoral Leader will visit the student's classroom and negotiate with the student whether they would like to re-engage with their learning or attend the LINK Room.
  • If they choose to go to the LINK Room through their verbal choice or their actions, they will spend the  remainder of that lesson in the LINK Room. Home will be notified immediately.  A lunchtime detention, that day or the following day, must be completed.

For students who experience regular difficulties in making positive classroom behaviour decisions, parents will be contacted.  Appropriate support will be offered through tiered levels of support both within, as well as outside the College.​