Guidance Counsellors

The Suite of Guidance and Counselling Services at St Columbans…

 At St Columban's we deliver counselling and guidance for students who are in need of support. The majority of the work that our Counsellors do at school comprises of individual appointments. Students, teachers and parents can refer students to counselling. The Guidance counsellors can provide support with anxiety, depression, school refusal, self-harm, suicidal ideation or thoughts, emotional regulation, friendship or peer issues, organisation and study skills, family disconnect, relationship issues, eating issues, bullying, student protection , grief and loss and a variety of other issues.

St Columban's Guidance Counselling works in collaboration with the whole school to build a successful experience for all students.

Guidance Counsellors

  • Ms Kirstie Cochrane​

  • Ms Jennie Thompson​

  • Ms Talia Taylor (currently on leave)

Referrals to the counsellors are usually by way of parents contacting the individual counsellors directly, student self-referral or a House Leader.