Fee Schedule

St Columban's College strives to achieve affordable excellence in establishing its annual charges.  The College charges an all-inclusive fee, which includes:

¨ Tuition Costs, including for Vocational Certificate Subjects

¨ Curriculum  excursions and camps

¨ Provision of Electronic Device to every student

¨ Participation in the Saturday sporting program (TAS Competition) and co-curricular activities

¨ Highly resourced Wellbeing  Centre including  access to counselling and careers advice

¨ Participation in the College's Excellence Programs (subject to application)​



 At St Columban's College, the following one-off fees are charged prior to a student commencing​:


1. Application Fee - $110 (non-refundable)
This one-off fee covers the administration costs associated with processing applications for new enrolments, in addition to the pre-enrolment interview with parents and students.  The fee is payable on submission of an application form to the College or via the below BPOINT payment link.

Enrolment Application F​ee


2. Confirmation Fee - $400 ($200 refundable)
This fee secures a student's place at the College, and covers the administrative costs of enrolling the child into the College.  $200 of this fee will be refunded on the first term's fee statement, upon commencement of the child's enrolment.​​

Enrolment Conf​irmation Fee​​​


3. Laptop Bond - $300 (refundable)
This fee is payable on commencement at the College.  It is refundable when the child's enrolment is terminated, provided that the laptop is returned undamaged, and that the family's account is paid in full.



Fee Schedule Summary.PNG 


College fees are payable within 14 days of the invoice date.  Payment of fees can be made during Finance Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.  Forms for Direct Debit and Credit Card Payment are available from the Parent Portal.  Payment may also be made via the BPOINT link below.​​

School F​ee Payments



Where a parent/guardian of a student intends to cancel the student's enrolment, the College requires at least one term's notice of the cancellation.  The one term's notice of cancellation of enrolment is to be provided to the Enrolments Officer  in writing.   In the instance that the Enrolments Officer is not notified of an impending departure, the following term's fees will become due and payable.



Download the schedule of fees for 2022:

Domestic Fee Schedule 2022.pdf

​​​Domestic Fee Schedule 2023.pdf



Click below to access the college fee ​policy

College Fee Policy 2022.pdf

College Fee Policy 2023.pdf