Molloy House Shield.pngThe namesake of Molloy House is Brother John Molloy, the fourth principal of the College from 1938 to 1943. Brother Molloy was principal during WWII in which many former St Columban's students were c

alled to serve. As a man on empathy, Brother Molloy continued to keep an eye on his former students by scanning newspaper casualty lists and any other news available. He spent many

 hours writing to all students in all theatres of war, as well as also visiting families of servicemen, offering his comfort and compassion, and comforting them by rallying their spirits when the news was bad. His caring and compassionate nature is something we aspire to, and it is through Brother Molloy's story where we gain our House motto of Compassion in Action.

Further strengthening of kindness and compassion, Molloy House is connected with Rosies - Friends on the Street. This not-for-profit organisation extends friendship to those who find themselves lonely, abandoned and marginalised in our community. Throughout the year our students support Rosies through our annual fundraising and advocacy ventures, as well as spending time out in the community as volunteers.

Brother Molloy's legacy is reflected in our Crest, where each of our symbols represents peace, kindness, compassion, and tradition. As the Green House, we seek to grow as a family and build connections within our own community as well as those who are less fortunate.

As the mascot of Molloy, the Crocodile reminds us that we need to be wise, strong, and adaptable in the challenges that we may face each day. ​

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