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TAS.jpgSt Columban’s is a member of The Associated Schools (TAS) inter-school sporting competition which gives students the opportunity to compete in a variety of team sports.  Both experienced and beginner players are encouraged to participate with the competition being an element of the College's extensive co-curricular offerings.  The aim of The Associated Schools is to promote and conduct various forms of inter-school activity, with a view of fostering a spirit of fellowship.  The competition is divided into trimesters, each of nine weeks​ duration, with matches being played on Saturday mornings.  TAS also holds carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Students who perform well in these may also compete at Zone or Regional level.  Similar representative teams are also selected in the trimester sports.


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                     © The Associated Schools (2024)

TAS comprises 8 independent schools.  The schools that compete in this competition with St Columban's College include:​​

  • Canon Hill Anglican College
  • Canterbury College​
  • St John's Anglican College
  • Ormiston College
  • John Paul College
  • St Paul's School
  • West Moreton Anglican College

At the end of each trimester, coaches present trophies to outstanding athletes and big improvers. Any premiership winning teams are also presented with pennants. 

St Columban’s prides itself on commitment, resilience and dedication.  Students learn the value of teamwork through healthy competition.


The following sports are played in each trimester:​​

Trimester 1 : Boys Cricket and Volleyball; Girls Basketball, Girls Football and Tennis​​​                                                                                                © Brisbane Catholic Education, St Columban's College (2023)​

Trimester 2 : Boys Rugby Union and Tennis; Girls Netball and Hockey

Trimester 3 : Boys Basketball and Football: Girls Volleyball and Touch Football​​​                                                                   © Brisbane Catholic Education, St Columban's College (2023)

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The sports carnivals are scheduled:

Trimester 1 : TAS Swimming Carnival

Trimester 2 : TAS Cross Country Carnival

Trimester 3 : TAS Athletics Carnival​​​

TAS Code of Conduct                                                                                                                                                                              ​​

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