Co-Curricular Program

St Columban's College has an extensive co-curricular program in Academic, Cultural, Recreational, Charity, Community and Sporting activities. Education at St Columban's involves the all round development of the student as a contributing member of society. There is an expectation that, as evidence of this development, students use their talents and gifts in the service of the College and wider community.


The College has a strong connection between the curriculum and our mission, sporting and cultural programs. For example, students can participate in the Co-curricular Dance Troupe group, study Dance as an ATAR subject and participate in eisteddfods. Students can also study Music as an academic subject, as well as participate in the many music groups in the College, and play in liturgies and Masses. Students in Youth Ministry (Cert III) classes regularly lead younger students in retreats at the College as well as at other Colleges in the area.


In order to develop a sense of community spirit and pride, all students are required to participate fully in a minimum of two (2) activities per year. Commitment to an activity entails attendance at all training/rehearsals and meetings, and the availability to represent the school when called upon. Students are expected to place their commitment to interschool sport before any commitment to a club sport outside the College.


Cultural Activities

Cultural activities play a significant part in the overall education of students. Students who participate in cultural activities have opportunities to compete against other schools, perform in public arenas and put on productions for the College community. Cultural activities add a breadth of learning and promote the holistic development of the student. Participating in cultural activities helps promote communication and builds confidence.

School Committees and Leadership (Spirit and Advocacy, Tradition, Community and Environment)

St Columban's offers a number of committees that allow students to investigate numerous possibilities in shaping their community. Participating in the committees allow students to assist in helping the community as well as make a valuable contribution to College life.


The leadership process at St Columban's gives students multiple opportunities to obtain essential life skills critical to making the successful transition from school life to life in the wider community. Having a strong dynamic leadership structure is vital compo nent in fostering an approach that allows students to contribute in a positive and meaningful manner to the College. College Captains and House Captains lead students in the College, as well as leadership of the 'Spirit, Tradition and Community' committee.



St Columban's has a proud history and tradition associated with school sport. As one of the founding schools in the TAS, St Columban's has made a significant contribution to sport in the district. The school also competes locally in many regional sports where individuals are given the opportunity to represent at a higher level. Sporting endeavours rely on teamwork and co-operation, where students can develop a real sense of making a worthwhile contribution. This is very important in its links to the academic program in Health, Physical Education and Fitness. It is also significant in building College Community with high rates of parental participation and support.​

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