School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

School-based traineeships and apprenticeships allow Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students to undertake approved training in conjunction with employment to enhance their skill level and future career prospects. Traineeships and apprenticeships are a positive way for our students to gain confidence and knowledge and, assist in their transition to life after mainstream schooling.


Students who participate in a school-based opportunity i.e. traineeship and or external course can use the completed qualification towards their overall Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). There are many added benefits for students to undertake a traineeship or an apprenticeship, and we have a number of students currently integrating this concept into their schooling at the College.


Students who engage in a traineeship and or apprenticeship have one or two placement days per week with their host employer, the nominated day(s) is a negotiation with the student, parent/guardian, the College and the employer. The Department of Education and Training requires students to complete a minimum of 375 hours per calendar year of their traineeship and or apprenticeship (excluding electrical apprenticeships) to fulfill their practical, “on-the-job" training components. This equates to 50 placement days per calendar year. Students are encouraged to work over the school holidays, unless directed otherwise.


As well as on the job training, students are required to complete the theoretical components of their traineeship or apprenticeship. A selected registered training organisation (RTO) will deliver the “off- the-job" training via a learning mode suited to each individual student. As a College we acknowledge this and offer students the ability to apply for a “study line". Essentially, a “study line" is a revision period where students will partake in independent learning fortheir certificate course.


The Career and Training Centre advertise vacant school-based traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities via email, the notices, weekly newsletter and via SMS. Students can opt in to receive an SMS when a vacancy is available, forms for this service are located in the Career and Training Centre.


If you, a family friend or a local business are interested in hiring a school-based apprentice or trainee from the College, support can be provided in this process. We encourage each student to explore their opportunities for a Vocational Education and Training pathway to success, the professional and personal skills gained are invaluable for today's current job climate. If you would like further information about traineeships and apprenticeships please contact The Career and Training team on 07 5433 7384.