Student Wellbeing

All members of the St Columban's College community are encouraged to focus on enhancing an environment of inclusivity where the values of compassion and justice permeate all activities that they ​are engaged in.  Through quality teaching and learning experiences, students are challenged to make positive choices about their education.  In fostering right relationships, students are encouraged to reflect upon their actions, and to open their hearts and minds by reaching out to those who are marginalised. ​



As a Brisbane Catholic Education College, the local practice of pastoral care always defers to the governing body’s overarching policies and practices. St Columban’s local expression of Pastoral Care is expressed in the following Pastoral Board policy: ​


'St Columban’s College strives to be a community characterised by caring relationships, which are integral to and permeate the daily life of the College and cannot be restricted to a particular program or curriculum. Within the Curriculum and processes of the College, we make genuine efforts that our practices and outcomes are consistent with the Christian and Catholic ethos that is at the heart of our mission and vision. 

Our commitment to the quality of community life is such that all members recognise that parents, families, community agencies and Church seek to be partners with the College in fostering the growth of our young people. The process is reciprocal: students no less than teachers are encouraged to exercise a pastoral ministry for one another and all others within the community. 


Pastoral Care at St Columban’s College is the expression of concern for the quality of life in the College, enabling all members to fulfil the promise of Christ: 


"I have come so that they may have life And have it to the full." (Jn 10:10)'



St Columban’s College Student Wellbeing operates under the structure of an Assistant Principal - Wellbeing and Engagement, and is supported by House Leaders, Guidance Counsellors (Psychologists) and the LINK Program​.  The House structure and Wellbeing Programs are key anchor points of support and care for students, linking families and school together in effective partnerships.


The College has a strong House system with four Houses: Duhig, English, Molloy and O’Driscoll. Each House has two House Coordinators, a Middle Phase Coordinator and a Senior Phase Coordinator. This enables an integrated pastoral and curriculum approach with a division between Middle and Senior Years to better meet the needs of those differing ages. The Houses are then divided into ten Pastoral Care (PC) groups with an individual PC Teacher. Every student is placed into a House and PC when they commence at the College and will remain in that PC for the duration of their time at the College. The PC groups are vertical, meaning a number of students from each year level comprise a PC class. The PC teacher is generally the main contact for parents and other teachers for students in their PC group.​

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