​Duhig House was named after Archbishop James Duhig who is recognised as the founder of St Columban's College, Albion. He bought the site, paid for the building and invited the Christian Brothers to run the College. Archbishop Duhig always regarded the school as something very dear to him. He was a great diplomat and was proud of his association with the College.

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James Duhig was Archbishop of Brisbane from 1917–1965. Including his time as Bishop of Rockhampton, he was a Bishop for 60 years. He was one of the youngest Bishops in the world when he was appointed and one of the oldest when he died.

Throughout his career Duhig also developed his well-known passion for building and the acquisition of properties. He was responsible for the building of many churches on top of the many hills that characterise the Brisbane landscape. As Archbishop of Brisbane, 'Duhig the builder' added more than 400 major buildings to the Brisbane landscape, including hospitals and educational, charitable and religious institutions.

In keeping with the generous nature of Archbishop James Duhig, Duhig House supports Orange Sky Australia annually. Duhig Student Leaders and 'Orange Sky Advocates' organise two fundraising initiatives each year and advocate on the great work that Orange Sky Australia do.

Duhig House advocates for Orange Sky Australia. With the profits of Valentine's Day Roses and Orange Sky Australia Advocacy Day the House is able to make a notable donation, in order to show dignity, solidarity and compassion to those within the community who Orange Sky supports.    Additionally, each year Duhig House students attend Orange Sky Australia Headquarters to deliver support funds and understand further the important work that Orange Sky Australia does. ​​

The colour of Duhig House is red and the symbol is the Redback Spider and stands for determination. The House motto is Distinction and Diligence in the example of Archbishop Duhig and Duhig strives towards diligence towards distinction in the sporting, cultural, academic and vocational endeavours. This can be seen in the large number of students willingly participating in the College Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Cross Country, Interhouse Competitions, the Coin Line and other advocacy events throughout the year. ​

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