2015 Student Leaders

This week we have been treated to House farewells and the change of leadership ceremony. This has seen the old guard pass on to the new and we congratulate both groups. Our current leaders have proved their worth and thank you to all the Captains and Vice Captains of Houses and Committees especially Dan Cabrera, Katie Iliffe,  Corey Parker and Emily George. 
We congratulate all the newly appointed leaders and all those who nominated for positions. Opportunities for service in the College are numerous so we look to all to get involved. We are very pleased to announce the leaders for 2015 as follows

The Student Leadership Team consists of:

COLLEGE CAPTAINS Joshua Connolly Chloe WIlliams
COLLEGE VICE CAPTAINS Reece Bamford Claudia Chapple
Middle Phase Cpatains: Jacob Beetson Ebony Butler
Middle Phase Vice Captains Kobe Tozer Polly Pakuza
English Sophie Lewis David Blockley
Duhig Isabella Walker Jason Morris
Molloy Tessa Harrison Jordan Wust
O'Driscoll Ashlyn Evans Hayden Lawson
English Claire Torrens Ton Finck
Duhig Haylee Crotty Alex Taylor
Molloy Ardristan Butler Jack Lowrie
O'Driscoll Stephanie Hudson Callum Lethby

Corey Fysh, Brittany Cooper, Helina deWinter, Lachlan Haffenden, Erin Allanson

Tradition Riley Martin, Georgia Hayes, Brittany Nolan, Slade Blunt , Lanie McLathey
Community Emily Rockley, Brianna Ushay, Sharriah McCloy, Connor Jones, Tess Holloway