TAS Sport

Interschool Sport

St Columban’s has a proud tradition within the TAS Sports Competition, which takes place on Saturday mornings (some cricket in the afternoon). Half of the games are played at our home venues and half are played at the opposing schools home venues. St Columban’s home games are played at the College or at courts in the local area. Otherwise, students travel to the rival schools which are anywhere between 30 minutes and 90 minutes away. For the schools that are the furtherest away the College will supply buses which the students will need to sign up for in the week prior. TAS also runs day-long carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Students who perform well in these may also compete at Zone or Regional level. Similar representative teams are also selected in the trimester sports.


At the end of each trimester the College hosts an Awards night where trophies are presented to outstanding athletes and big improvers. Any premiership winning teams are also presented with pennants. Listed below are the sports on offer and when they run. If you are a star, or even if you want to play sport for the first time, please put your name down when the time comes. Remember, St Columban’s prides itself on commitment, resilience and dedication. Students learn the value of teamwork through healthy competition.


Trimester 1

Boys: Cricket, Volleyball and Swimming
Girls: Basketball, Tennis and Swimming


Trimester 2

Boys: Rugby, Tennis and Cross Country
Girls: Netball, Hockey and Cross Country


Trimester 3

Boys: Basketball, Soccer and Athletics
Girls: Touch Football, Volleyball and Athletics