The St Columban’s College Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) exists to enhance the formation of the Whole Student at the College.  All current parents and carers are welcome to join the P&F to work in partnership with the College Leadership Team to deliver additional equipment/facilities and initiatives that enrich our students lives.

The P&F receives the Parents & Friends’ levy collected by the College, and aims to disburse funds equitably across areas of the College.  The P&F has contributed to significant projects in the past, not limited to but including:
Air-Conditioning of the General Learning Classrooms on Campus
Contribution towards Capital Building Works
Contribution towards the purchase of College Busses

The P&F Executive members for 2024 are:
John Bicanic (President);
Katie Siver (Vice-President);
Elizabeth Gordon (Secretary); and
Jodie Buckle (Treasurer).

If you would like to raise something with the P&F Executive, please email Liz at pandfsecretarystcom@outlook.com.