TAS Sport

Interschool Sport

St Columban’s has a proud tradition within the TAS Sports Competition, which takes place on Saturday mornings (some cricket in the afternoon). Half of the games are played at our home venues and half are played at the opposing schools home venues. St Columban’s home games are played at the College or at courts in the local area. Otherwise, students travel to the rival schools which are anywhere between 30 minutes and 90 minutes away. For the schools that are the furtherest away the College will supply buses which the students will need to sign up for in the week prior. TAS also runs day-long carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Students who perform well in these may also compete at Zone or Regional level. Similar representative teams are also selected in the trimester sports.

At the end of each trimester the College hosts an Awards night where trophies are presented to outstanding athletes and big improvers. Any premiership winning teams are also presented with pennants. Listed below are the sports on offer and when they run. If you are a star, or even if you want to play sport for the first time, please put your name down when the time comes. Remember, St Columban’s prides itself on commitment, resilience and dedication. Students learn the value of teamwork through healthy competition.

Trimester 1

Boys: Cricket, Volleyball and Swimming
Girls: Basketball, Tennis and Swimming


Trimester 2

Boys: Rugby, Tennis and Cross Country
Girls: Netball, Hockey and Cross Country

Trimester 3

Boys: Basketball, Soccer and Athletics
Girls: Touch Football, Volleyball and Athletics

Bus Information

Parents please note that the College will provide transport to TAS fixtures/events which are hosted by the Colleges’ listed below. With the College population now over 950 it is expected that parents support their child by transporting them to some TAS fixtures. As a community it is hoped that car pooling is used when necessary. Due to the increase in the number of distant schools that have now joined the top Division of TAS, JPC (John Paul College) is no longer a bus venue.

Buses will be run to the following College’s for TAS ‘away’ fixtures and events in 2014:

  • Redeemer Lutheran College (Rochedale)
  • West Moreton Anglican College (West Ipswich)
  • St John’s Anglican College (Forest Lake)
  • Canterbury College (Waterford)
  • TAS Swimming
  • TAS Cross Country
  • TAS Athletics

Private transport will be needed to other TAS venues, including trial games. It is expected that we work as a community and car pool students to fixtures if difficulties arise. Please start to make transport arrangements now so that families are organised for the up coming season. Please refer to the College calendar for TAS fixture details. With greater numbers of parents attending ‘away’ fixtures the atmosphere and support for the students should boost team morale and performance.

TAS Wet Weather Information

As we often compete against schools that are not from our local area the weather can vary greatly. It may be raining in Caboolture but be dry at our competition venue so please always assume that TAS fixtures will take place.

The first point of call will be to check the College App – if sport is cancelled a message will be sent to all who have registered for the App. If you are unsure about the weather the TAS link on the College blog (accessed via the College website – www.stc.qld.edu.au) will also contain wet weather information as it becomes available or alternatively if you are unable to access the blog OR APP the TAS Sports Coordinator can be contacted on 0407 580 891 from 6.30am on a fixture day. It is difficult to make a decision before this time.

Mr Andrew Huggett
Co-curricular Sport Leader