Guidance Counsellors

The Suite of Guidance and Counselling Services at St Columbans…

At StC we deliver counselling and interventions at three levels: Intensive individual counselling, targeted small group guidance and whole year level intervention. Intensive individual counselling comprises the majority of the work that Courtney and Dave do at school through individual appointments with students identified at risk, or who are in need of counselling for a variety of issues. These include anxiety, depression, anger management, self-harm, suicidal ideation or thoughts, emotion regulation, friendship or peer issues, organisation and study skills, family disconnect and relationship issues, eating issues, bullying, and a variety of other issues.

In addition this, small targeted groups are also run throughout the year. Chill Out is a group targeting boys in years 9 and 10 at risk of disengaging from school or with behavioural issues such as anger or bullying, that is facilitated by Tom Strong (an external counsellor) and Courtney. Chill Out is run in term 2 and 3 and targets 10 students at a time for 8 weeks.

STC also runs a boys and girls group program for the whole of the year 8 cohort. Rock and Water is run once a week for 7 weeks for the boys and Shine is run for 7 weeks with the girls. Each program is designed to foster self-esteem, resilience and confidence among the young people participating. It is thought by running these programs in year 8 in house class groups, it will help the students assimilate to high school more easily, build longer lasting friendships and be introduced to the counsellors in a casual and indirect manner. The boys programme has become a very popular one that the College is considering extending into other year levels, and data from the Shine programme have shown a significant improvement in the girls’ self-esteem.

Guidance Counsellors

  • Ms Courtney Wilton
  • Ms Elizabeth Neil

Referrals to the counsellors are usually by way of the house co-ordinators, students self-referring or parents contacting the individual counsellors.