The House was named after Brother Francis Pius O’Driscoll. He was the first Principal of St Columban's College from 1928 to 1933. Br O’Driscoll, born in 1897, entered the Christian Brothers Juniorate at Strathfield in 1912. Br O’Driscoll’s training was to the standard of the day that distinguished clearly between right and wrong and justice and injustice. His discipline was strict and his rules were clear.


Br O’Driscoll is described by W.G.Hall in the Christian Brothers Educational Record as being “a vital, committed, and controversial Christian Brother”. After receiving a teaching position within Victoria he became founder, Headmaster and Superior of the new Christian Brothers’ Technical School in South Melbourne. At the age of 30 he was sent to Albion as founder, builder and Headmaster of the new school and Superior of the Monastery.


Br O’Driscoll was highly regarded within the general community. His tremendous work ethic and organisation has seen him depicted as a pioneer of St Columban's College. In keeping with the spirit of Br O’Driscoll, O’Driscoll House has continued in its efforts to support the community. O'Driscoll House runs a variety of activities to raise money for the Guide Dogs Association QLD. These events include the Valentine’s Day Stall and a drinks van at the College Sports Carnivals and special event days. The O'Driscoll Action Group, is a group of enthusiastic students who volunteer their time to meet and assist with fundraising activities such as these, as well as raising House spirit at events such as House Mass, Heritage Day, Sports Carnivals and Interhouse Sport. Each year the money raised is given to representatives from the Guide Dogs at a special House assembly and the students receive information about the dogs and puppy litters that their money provides for.


With its mascot, the Bulldog and the motivation of its founder, O’Driscoll House strives to do its best in all sporting and cultural pursuits. The eagerness of the House Captains and Vice Captains together with the O’Driscoll Action Group, has led the House to many great achievements.