Curriculum Overview


Years 11 and 12 may be among the most challenging and rewarding years of your life. You will discover new directions on your way to your Queensland Certificate of Education at St Columban’s which will include:

  • Much higher academic demands in each subject area
  • Increased freedom to manage your own learning
  • A higher expectation on you to contribute to College life
  • Relationships between you and staff becoming much more adult to adult, with implied responsibilities
  • More demands on your time making it important to balance study, work and play.

Our Partnership of Excellence is paramount to successful outcomes (a copy of this document can be found in the Parent Handbook). It is important to remind students and their parents of their contracted obligations. The challenge is for you to set your goals and work hard to achieve them.

Year 10

You are entering your final phase of school based learning. Much thought and experience has gone into preparing this booklet for your benefit. Make use of it, and of the people around you - parents, older siblings, teachers and career counsellors, to make appropriate decisions for yourself. We hope that you are able to make decisions that will situate you in the best place to succeed and discover your strengths and abilities.

This comprehensive document allows you to access the pathway most suited to your talents and dreams, inclusive of seeking an entry to University or further study, becoming Work Ready at the end of your Queensland Certificate of Education, completing a school based Traineeship/Apprenticeship or pursuing a sporting pathway, or a combination of these. All are possible if you seek the wisdom of support personnel. Combining academic and vocational pathways provides a wonderful platform to enhance choices and opportunities.

Year 9

This Handbook offers advice and information to help you make decisions about your subject choices for Year 9. The aim of study in the Middle Phase is still to give students a sound, yet broadly based education.

While Key Learning Areas of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Social Science are compulsory for Years 8 and 9 in the Middle Phase, other subjects are offered as electives. If you find that you are unable to access the subject you want this year, it may well be possible to undertake that subject the following year - depending on it being offered. All elective subjects are organised in year long units of study.

This handbook attempts to offer advice and information to help you to make decisions about your subjects for Year 9. The best general advice about subjects is to choose widely and come to understand the subjects you like and in which you achieve well.


Subject Handbooks