Laptop Program

St Columban’s College is a school community striving to serve the needs of students in an authentic way.  One of the College’s key learning and teaching principles is to utilize innovative pedagogical practices that effectively integrate technology.  The 1:1 Apple MacBook laptop program gives practical expression to this principle.


The key aim for integration of technology is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become competent, discriminating and creative users of a range of technologies.  The College believes that integration of technologies provides students’ interaction with their local and global communities.  The integration of technology also facilitates the relational nature of learning, providing new opportunities for parents to engage with teachers, learning programs and their child’s progress.  The current laptop model rolled out to students is the MacBook Pro. ​


MacBook Pro Specifications


The 1:1 laptop program is cutting edge and enables students to experience growth in many areas – self-confidence, organization, motivation to learn and learning in a range of modalities.  This program will provide both students and staff with an extended range of tools to engage in creative and critical thinking tasks that extend their knowledge and promote collaborative and empathetic learning. Tasks set for students can be more complex as they have so much access to technology and information. Students are better equipped as global citizens and for the world of the future. We are appreciative to our community for its vision and support in making our digital learning environment a reality, as well as to the Federal Government for their commitment to computers in schools and assistance in facilitating the education of our young people in a global technological world.


Support Mechanisms for the 1:1 MacBook Program

The College ICT Support Department will assist students with the use and maintenance of the MacBooks. Assistance to Students with their MacBooks is available throughout processes outlined in the MacBook Use and Care Policy document.  The College will also aim to provide assistance to parents/guardians to maximise student learning with the MacBook and is assessed on a case by case basis. You can contact the College by phoning  5495 3111 or alternatively email the department at


IT Department is open bet​ween 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.