Apprenticeships and Traineeships


School based traineeships provide a school to work pathway that allow students to undertake approved training in conjunction with employment in order to enhance their skill level and future employment prospects. The student continues to attend school while completing the on-the-job training during allotted school days and holidays. 

The on-the-job training component is detailed in a Training Plan that forms part of the Training Agreement approved by the Department of Education, Training and Employment which links to an industrial award or agreement. The off-the-job component is undertaken by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which can be a school, the employer or a public or private training provider. 

How long will it take? 

Generally 18-24 months, although the qualification may be awarded sooner if the student has the option to work extra hours outside of school hours, weekends or during the holidays. Students must complete 50 full days per year. 

What are the options? 

There are three approaches in which your child can be established in a School based traineeship/apprenticeship.   

  • Approach 1 – entails the student approaching an employer themselves. Parents may have a willing contact who will take on a student. 
  • Approach 2 – involves working with one of our Group Training Companies to link employers with students. 
  • Approach 3 – involves starting off in a work placement situation. Work placement provides students with the opportunity to experience a number of different work environments over their senior course of study. This may then convert to a school based traineeship or to permanent full time employment. 

When can I start? 

Traineeships may be commenced and completed by students during their final two to three years at school. If a student wishes to pursue a career in this industry after Year 12 and is successful in gaining future employment, credit is given for the completed traineeship. 

How can I find out more? 

The Careers and Training office staff are able to provide the most up-to-date information about school based apprenticeships and traineeships. You can find out everything you need to know by visiting the Careers Centre at the College. 

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