Brother John Molloy was the fourth Principal of St Columban’s College.


When war broke out in 1939, Brother Molloy was already Principal of the College. Many old boys had joined up, and the College as well as the entire country was placed on a war footing and shared shortages of goods, the fear of invasion, the anguish of loss when a relative or friend was killed, wounded or reported missing in action.


Along with the rest of the nation, the casualty lists were eagerly scanned by Brother Molloy to see how his boys were doing. During the war, Brother spent many hours writing to his students in all theatres of war and it has been reported by one soldier how much he looked forward to receiving those letters.


Brother Molloy also visited parents of servicemen, comforting them and rallying their spirits when the news was bad. His caring and compassionate nature is something we aspire to and these qualities are encouraged and nurtured within our current Molloy community.


Brother Molloy gave his name to one of the buildings on the Albion site and the Molloy name now graces one of general classroom blocks. Brother Molloy led the College from 1938 to 1943.


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