Uniform and Grooming Policy

St Columban's College uniform policy has been established to assist all students in making appropriate decisions about their presentation and grooming while a member of the College community. Students are expected to wear the complete and correct uniform at the College, travelling between home and the College, and when representing St Columban’s to the wider community.

It is the responsibility of students to keep their uniform items in good condition. If uniform items are not kept in suitable condition students will be required to replace the relevant item/s. Uniform items containing graffiti will require replacing. If students are unsure about a planned change in relation to uniform and/or their appearance, they are encouraged to first speak with their House Coordinator and seek clarification. This uniform policy balances the individual rights of students with their responsibility as representatives of the College. In so doing, the College acknowledges that there is sometimes a tension between gender issues, prevailing fashions and presentation expectations upon students while members of the College community. Ultimately the decision rests with the College to determine such tensions in accordance with this policy. As members of the College community, students who choose to disregard the uniform policy must accept the responsibility of any action taken.

Uniform and Grooming Policy 2015