Mentor Academy Program

The Mentor Academy Program at St Columban’s College is designed to assist students in achieving all of their goals, from academic and cultural to sporting.  We understand that the demands on a student can be tough and that managing time and workloads can be stressful. 

Through the Mentor Academy Program we work with students to assist in planning and managing, training and study loads and assist in communicating with a students teachers in times of high demand 'Together Everyone Achieves More.'


Take time for you... 

Being busy requires students to plan their time and within this, it is important to always allow some 'down time'. Having some ‘down time’ is essential to maintain physical and mental wellbeing and allows your body time to rejuvenate.  Ensuring that time is spent on activities that are enjoyable and relaxing is important.


MAP allows students to develop methods and lifestyle habits for managing their demands and have the best of both worlds. By being prepared and knowledgeable, it will heighten the possibilities of success and give students a guide of how to be organised in preparation for training and competitions, nutrition, rest stretching and listening to your body.


Practice doesn't make Perfect… PERFECT PRACTICE makes PERFECT! 

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Helping you chase your dreams... 

When things are getting hard it is important to remember that nothing worth doing is ever easy. As Jesse Owens famously said “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort."


Everything you do has a purpose and is to achieve a goal. The MAP leader is here to help ensure that students can always see that goal regardless of how far away it may seem.


“There comes a point of no return, where you have labored so long, sacrificed so much you can't turn back. You must reach your goal and trample on anyone who tries to stop you." – Herb Elliott


What MAP can do for YOU!

With the guidance and assistance of the MAP Leader the Mentor Academy Program will work to assist Brandon Borrello.pngstudents in managing their time, commitments and academic workload.


The Mentor Academy Program Coordinator can assist to:

  • Devise and implement study timetables (generally to mange time commitments or specifically around exam time)

  • Provide links to assistance with classwork (accelerating prior to absences or catch up after returning to school)

  • Plan for assignments (or put you in touch with the right people to do so)

  • Manage assessment deadlines (especially if there are upcoming absences that may impact on exam or assignment dates)


Student Responsibilities Evania Pelite.png

To achieve the most from the program and the assistance being afforded, there are a few responsibilities that students must adhere to:

  • Inform the Mentor Academy Program Leader of all upcoming competitions/ events

  • Inform the MAP Leader of  results after a competition/event

  • Communicate absences to the MAP Leader and your classroom teachers (the MAP Leader can assist with teacher communication if you need/ wish)

  • Inform the MAP Leader if and when you feel you are struggling with managing your training and work schedule.

  • Seek assistance when required.