Bursary Information

​​St Columban's bursaries allow young people from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to study in a vibrant community that upholds Catholic ideals, and provides them with more options for academic,

co-curricular, and vocational development.  For many parents, choosing the right secondary school to send their children to can be a difficult and conf​using experience, but Principal Mike Connolly offers some sage advice for parents “consider a College where there is ample choice for students for their academic and vocational pathways that provide as many options as possible for their future.


The Bursary Program offers assistance for students to attend the College.  It is offered for prospective Year 7 students for 3 years, with the choice to apply to further their Columban's education when reaching Year 10.  Students must complete a Level One ACER test to qualify for consideration of a bursary. The bursary exam is held in May/June each year for the following academic year.  ​​

St Columban's College Bursary Exam Registration
For more information on the exam and upcoming dates please go to: 




Please note: The 2020 Bursary Examination has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions,

Year 6 and Year 7 students will be able to sit the exam in 2021.

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