St Columban's College Past Students Association

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The St Columban's College Past Students Association (SCPSA) has three key objectives:

*  To provide a vehicle by which cohorts of students can maintain the life long friendships they established while they were students at 

   St Columban's.

*  To foster a spirit of good fellowship between past and present students of the College with the reputation and progress of the College 

   a common ideal.

*  To be an empathic Association that is forward in identifying those amongst our past students who are doing it a bit tough an implement

   a practical assistance plan where it is appropriate to do so.



In 2008 St Columban’s College produced the first edition of The Eagle, a newsletter specifically designed for our College alumni. This newsletter is published biannually. 


To download "The Eagle", please click on the following links:


The Eagle 90th Anniversary Edition 2018


To register with the St Columban's College Past Students Association, click here. To notify us of your details, or to update details currently on file, please contact the college via phone on 5495 3111 or email