St Columban's College Past Students Association



In 2008 St Columban’s College produced the first edition of The Eagle, a newsletter specifically designed for our College alumni. This newsletter will continue to be published at 6-8 monthly intervals.

As a past student, if you would like to receive a copy of this publication by post, information about staying connected with StC is listed below.

To download "The Eagle", please click on the following links:

​The Eagle Edition 11

​​The Eagle Edition 10

​​The Eagle Edition 9

The Eagle Edition 8

The Eagle Edition 7

The Eagle Edition 6

The Eagle Edition 5

The Eagle Edition 4

The Eagle Edition 3

The Eagle Edition 2

The Eagle Edition 1


For further information on the Past Students Association, click here. To notify us of your details, or to update details currently on file, please contact the college via phone on 5495 3111 or email